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Bonjour. This website is mine. I started level-design with Worldcraft around 2002, never finished a project with it, and then switched to UnrealEd after playing Unreal Tournament on a friend's PS2. I haven't tried any engine younger than UT2004's Unreal Engine 2 and am not planning on doing so. For now, I'll stick to the three first versions of UnrealEd, and QuArK when I will feel like messing up with Quake, War§ow, or God knows what else...

I also wrote some extensive documentation for UnrealEd. I might drop a note about QuArK sometime.

The Site

The current site is the fourth version of what started as an ugly (and blue!) learning project years ago. It has gone through a number of completely different redesigns and has changed purpose several times along the way. It has changed language too, hence the bits of English and French mixed up in equal parts everywhere: I never made up my mind on the matter. It is both a portfolio, a public notepad, a personal page and a learning ground for XHTML, CSS, PHP and general design. If you find something broken, send me a mail and I'll ignore it for as long as I can until I have no choice but to fix it. Everything is supposed to be my own private proprety but we all know how things work on the internet... Don't base your maps on mine and mention me as the original author of the tutorials if you want to quote or distribute them elsewhere. Apart from that, I don't really care.

What's next?

I've tried a number of editors and games, but no game engine fits my needs quite like Unreal. Despite a few attempts at using QuArK for War§ow, I would rather keep mapping with UnrealEd. As maps are made on my free time, I take quite a while to complete a single project; however I try to release at least one map per year (with 2010 and 2015 my only unproductive years so far). The quality of my maps is directly linked to my fondness for the idea behind each of them, which means my best maps are the ones I loved building, and maps with a bare or minimalist structure were slower to complete, had to go through many iterations or were restarted from scratch two or three times. I undertake a new map only when at least one good idea pops up, which can be either a gameplay mechanism or a design challenge.

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