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Heir Heir Heir Heir Heir

Download Heir (11067 KO)

The smell of diesel exhaust fills your head and the pounding metallic sound of engines and weapons invades your mind. Far above, the flying fighters manoeuvre tediously, like caged birds. Long-time companions scramble through crowded corridors to load up on guns. The fight is about to begin. An heir will soon be found for a long dynasty of champions

Can there be more to life?

The last long-time project I had for UT2004; indoor Onslaught with Raptors flying in gigantic halls, Scorpions hurling themselves from platforms and full on tank-on-tank battles in concrete corridors and behind pillars.

Hellkeeper, 29/12/22 11h21


Acid Acid Acid Acid Acid

Download Acid (541 KO)

After a long night drinking crack and smoking battery acid, an unnamed Liandri overseer bet he could get a major game of the professional league to take place absolutely anywhere in the galaxy. His companion, a robot-mutant-alien hybrid housed in the body of mechanical dog, challenged him to organise the game in a literal cartoon. Three days later, he had spent 160,000,000,000.99 credits on a start-up promising to do just that and his sudden death (slaughtered with the help of 7 different types of weapons and covered with fingerprints of known Liandri security personnel) was ruled a suicide. The executive board of the Liandri corporation decided to test the new technology it had unwillingly acquired in the process and it turned out to be a major technical success. Viewers were disappointed by the visual experience, however. The whole thing was shelved after 5 months of broadcast.

This is an old layout I had laying since the days of Hightitude at least. With no idea how to modify it or what theme to use, I caved in and lazily made it a bunch of solid colours. It plays nice for a spammy and brutal match and it would be a nice addition to a rotation of maps like DM-DE-Osiris2, simple straightforward maps made to accomodate a reasonnable amount of players.

Hellkeeper, 18/09/21 19h32

Corten released

Corten Corten Corten Corten Corten

Download Corten (20914 KO)

Despite polls showing most audiences would rather watch matches taking place in real-life locations, ratings show people actually prefer games played in arenas built from the ground up to fit the requirements of their favourite bloody sport. With the blessing of corrosion-resistant materials, new areas are built to look like recognizable places, but with the added benefit of amazing sights.

Greetings. It's nice to see you here, I was feeling a bit lonely in this UT2004. 2020 has been a wild ride and though I know it's been a difficult year for many, I can't bring myself to care as it's been great for me and everything is going smoothly. Too bad for most of the world.
This map was build in a very short time and wasn't worked on too much, but I'm satisfied with the end result. It was made with my brain off and the usual attention to detail completely forgotten. Most ideas were shamelessly lifted from DM-AquaMortis fro Unreal Championship, except I made sure it didn't suck like the original. I hope you enjoy it, I know I do.

UPDATE 02/06/21: version 1.1, faulty zoning has been fixed, disassociating the main rocket-launcher area from the upper floor.

Hellkeeper, 07/12/20 01h18

Age of Empire

Empire Empire Empire Empire Empire

Download Empire (19031 KO)

Conquerors, emperors and dictators spare no extremity in building a new world modeled after their grand designs. Soldiers, warriors and militants renounce their lives so the great destiny of nations becomes manifest. And so the bones of men serve as foundation for the marble-clad monuments which tower over the graves of all.

UPDATE 17/09/21: version 1.1, missing sound package AmbOutside has been added to the file.

Hellkeeper, 28/10/19 13h35

I refuse to die

Hello, it's been a long time.

A bit more than a year ago, I had critical server problems. My site has been down since then. I have been able to recover most of the site but the database is still under work. Nonetheless, the site works and everything stored is still available: maps, tutorials, links, etc.
I'm not abandoning the site, it is very much alive. It takes time to recover though.

Now, some news about mapping:
After the release of Riveting, I spent almost a year away from the editor. As time went however, I experience the need for some 3D doodling while listening to music or watching long debates on Youtube. A small project started on UT2004 soon found itself ported to UT99 and here it is.

Hightitude Hightitude Hightitude Hightitude Hightitude

Download Hightitude (888 KO)

Built to ward off flying fortresses, these concrete towers failed to prevent invasions when planetary landers became large and robust enough to use ramming manoeuvres against their weapon platforms. All but one were dismantled.

This is a rather uninspired project, an arena map with no clear theme and a symetric layout but it was enough to keep me busy.

UPDATE 20/10/18: version 1.3, fixes a number of issues found by the first players: missing killzones, ways to reach the rooftop, crashes with some renderers.

UPDATE 16/04/19: version 1.4, portals moved to fix a hole.

Stay tuned, the site should be fully recovered at some point.

Hellkeeper, 19/10/18 11h30

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