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Download Riveting (16752 KO)

Implanted on the surface of an entirely frozen planet, this drilling complex never saw use as new environmental regulations prevented the exploitation of natural ressources on virgin worlds at the last minute. As the only loophole concerns cultural journeys, the Liandri Mining Corporation found a way to cash in on its assets by organizing pitched battles in these riveting landscapes. Remember, you're all officially registered as tourists.

Hellkeeper, 22/06/2017 à 15h37



Download Watched (13739 KO)

A fresh gust of wind blows away the warmth of the afternoon. Your footprints on the hard tiles disappear as nature carelessly moves the dust about. How long have you been fighting this now aimless battle? Does anyone in this arena still desire a fleeting victory or a tenuous speck of glory? But your mind is clear, you know the fight needs no reward. Even without spectators; even with no cheering crowd.

The gods of war watch over, a champion shall be named.

Hellkeeper, 18/10/2016 à 00h19



Download Valor (12345 KO)

The competing powers of Set and Horus have been poured into your soul. The burning eye of Ra has risen high in the sky to watch the coming duels. Jump in and battle the champions of distant lands in the name of Pharaoh.

Hellkeeper, 28/03/2016 à 23h54

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