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I am mirroring OldUnreal's 227 patch for Unreal.

The patch fixes many crashes, bugs and issues found in Unreal 226 but doesn't address geometry-related problems found in the maps themselves - like the non-solid door of Terraniux or the invisible floor of the Sunspire. It greatly improves the engine, provides UnrealEd 2.1 for Unreal 1, a particle system, many improvements, a new server browser, anti-cheat systems, and better administration tools for server admins. Don't play Unreal without it, you fool.

This is currently version 227i. If you have Return To NaPali installed, use the UnrealGold package (even if you don't have UGold but the normal Unreal and its extension). If you only have Unreal installed, use the UnrealClassicPatch package.

Unreal with Return to NaPali: package (95.3 MO)
Unreal only: package (87.6 MO)

Latest official patches:

Patch 226 (7.23 MO)
UnrealEd Patch 4 (3.31 MO)

Unreal Tournament

Latest official patch:

Patch 436 (7.03 MO)

Bonus packs:

It can be hard to find UT99's bonus packs now that the game has grown old.
Bonus Packs (all) (34 MO)

Unreal Tournament 2003

Latest official patch:

Patch 2255 (12.3 MO)

Unreal 2

Latest official patch:

Patch 2001 (3.7 MO)

Unreal Tournament 2004

Latest official patch:

Patch 3369 (12.7 MO)


Hellkeeper's french voice pack for UT2004, using the french dialogs from Hitman the Cobra.
MikePack (1,98 MO)

Tarquin Builder Brushes

A bunch of third-party builder brushes designed by Tarquin. These are the UT99 and UT2004 versions of his tools. Tarquin's webpage also included a few tutorials on how to use them, but they were lost when PlanetUnreal terminated its hosting service. The properties are very explicit and should not be too hard to understand, except for the TarquinExtruderBuilderBrush, for which I wrote a tutorial.

The UT99 builders will work with UnrealEd 2.0 and 2.1 for Unreal if you are using patch 227.. Other versions used to exist for Postal 2 and Tribes: Vengeance.


Tarquin Builder Brush (31,0 KO)
Tarquin Extended Builder Brush (31,0 KO)
Tarquin Extruder Builder Brush (11,0 KO)

UT2003 & UT2004

Tarquin Builder Brush (24,0 KO)
Tarquin Extruder Builder Brush (22,0 KO)

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