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Hellkeeper, 24/08/2011 à 23h35

Tarquin Tutorial

Since the debacle of PlanetUnreal a few years ago and the subsequent loss of Tarquin's website and documentation, Tarquin's great tools have been almost completely forgotten and lost; I only know of Amisa's advertisment about them, but even there they're only mentionned en passant and the Tarquin Extruder isn't mentioned. After using it extensively for years I did what I was planning to do for a long time and wrote a tutorial which I believe to be complete (with a French translation).

I have been mapping an Unreal 1 single-player map for someone and had to trick the game with warpzones in order to keep the poly/node ratio at a manageable level while still keeping a huge church I was asked to make and which is now completely overdone. I have not been making much progress for the last few weeks though. I don't plan on showing screenshots of it since it's supposed to be a surprise in a single-player adventure.

I have played many games, spent hours on Victoria. The game unfolds a bit more through each game and shows strange bugs. After turning the small and sparsely populated (127,000 inhabitants) Uruguay into a gigantic superpower (200,000,000 inhabitants, 150 divisions, hundreds of warships, main producer of all manufactured goods on the planet) and using it to crush the Royal Navy and the US Navy, I conquered most of Germany with Denmark by scheming a huge war along with Russia, in a horrible plot to threaten the stability of the world. Meanwhile, France jumped aboard and took its share of the Reich too. Fun times.

I played as Sweden too. After a complicated set of events and bugs, I managed to get a transport boat in the land army. Things started to get quite metaphysical when I loaded the army into transport ships. The bug having persisted, I found myself loading a transport ship inside a transport ship, but when I tried to disembark my army and its land-boat on the coast of Burma, the game crashed.

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