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Hellkeeper, 10/04/2012 à 21h45

Long Time No See

I have been working on a single-player map. But that's not what I'm going to talk about now. A bit after releasing Riot I was contacted to make a single-layer map for Unreal (pre-227), which I did. I put a lot of work into it, it's not perfect, but I think it is good. I will talk about it only when the entire campaign is released, or when it is cancelled and I release it as a Special map.

Because Exar and Riot will be included in the next release of Patch 227 (and the subsequent versions of it), I have been told to slightly modify Riot. I had nothing but positive echoes for Exar, and I think it deserved it. For Riot, there were some reserves - which I understand fully. Smirftsch commented on the fact that despite the rain, everything was dry and there was no splash on horizontal surfaces. I altered FootStepSounds on several textures to convey wetness, but otherwise he was right: no splashing effect and no texture effect were used.

I slightly altered the map. I would usually not change a finished project to prevent mismatching and compatibility problems, but since it will be circulated more than ever through 227, I figured it was now or never: I created a WetTexture effect based on my original mud texture, keeping the same detail texture and the same sounds, and applied it by default on the meshes. Additionally, I corrected a couple of problems: the projector on the upper level was changed from Transluscent to Modulated and its texture modified to create the same effect as the other projectors: a wet and old poster. The previous effect looked more like a hologram.

A lacking Zone Portal was added, another one modified to prevent possible HOMs. BSP sliders are now almost at their normal levels (with a slightly unbalanced tree). The first two versions of the map had a completely unbalanced tree (slider on 10) because of geometric artifacts at higher values. Lightmap resolution was changed to build better shadows.

Now that Riot is fixed, I have plans. Plans involving Unreal 2. But I have no precise idea and everything is still at the conception stage. I'm discussing the idea with GreatEmerald, who is the only person I know who's still interested in it. We'll also try and find out how the Golem format works, and we'll maybe come up with interesting documentation for this uncanny version of the Unreal Engine. Though most of the basic stuff should be uploaded to the OldUnreal Wiki, a couple of long tutorials may be stored here.

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