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Hellkeeper, 03/05/2015 à 23h06

2015 BR Map

Hey look everyone, it's Hellkeeper and his uncomprehensible plans again.

2015 BR initial plan

This is my current plan for a Bombing Run map to be released in 2015. DOM-512K-Qesh might look like a perfect candidate for my map of the year, but it was actually released at the very end of 2014, and I need to begin something to fill my 2015 schedule. 2014 was a busy year with no less than two maps (two!), one (Senate) being my largest map to date and both of them (Senate and Qesh) based on gametypes I had not experimented with before (I had already made one Capture the Flag map with CTF-Axlik, but it's so small and weird it provides a very limited CTF experience). Now, with 2015 well underway, the time has come for something new, and so it will be Bombing Run and it will be a cold map.

The black line going diagonally through the map is a chasm. The basic idea for this yet-unnamed map is lifted straight from BR-Adrift, from Unreal Championship. I will aim for exactly the same atmosphere (at least the one I can guesstimate from the screenshots), with a bright sunset (or is it dusk?) over an endless snow-covered landscape without a hard limit to the player's movement (apart from the usual killing volume at a reasonabe distance from the main game). From my current plan, this shouldn't be a mind-blowingly good map to play on, but nobody plays BR anymore anyway (which is a shame, you will, of course, agree). The main goal is to hit the right key regarding the general atmosphere, have fun with UnrealEd for a while, make something for my beloved BR and pay another homage to the UT2003/UC era of the Unreal universe.

The next step is to make a basic layout from that plan. It will be terrible at first, but like Senate, I believe it will serve as a good starting point which, after loads of adjustments and modifications, will be good enough to become a full-fledged map.

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