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Hellkeeper, 01/10/2013, 21:31

WIP and a Fix

I have fixed two problems in DmP17. The first is a small and barely-noticeable BSP error that showed up in a game I made to test a few things with bots. It was easy and quickly fixed; nobody should be able to spot the difference.The second is a problem which affected Unreal Tournament: the map being made under Unreal's UnrealEd 2.1, two imported textures (the screenshot and the weapon base effect - purple circle) were corrupted, as Unreal, thanks to patch 227, can import textures with less damaging compression than the standard 256 paletted colours that Unreal Tournament requires. However, such textures appeared corrupted when the map was launched in Unreal Tournament, for this very reason.

The lighting bug which affects the upper level of P17 remains present. It never existed in Unreal but always appears in Unreal Tournament, even when the map is built in UnrealEd 2.0 for UT. I attribute the problem to the difference in the way Unreal and Unreal Tournament handle light building.

I have also started (about a month ago) a medium-sized map for Unreal, taking a step away from the usual science-fiction-spece-ship-techno-abstract theme I usually revel in, to venture into a medieval port city. The result is coming along nicely, but I would estimate the map to be only about 45% done at the moment. It should be less heavily decorated than P17 or even Exar, but it is very geometry-heavu right now, due to its size, structure and the general layout: buildings can be entered, have windows, and various other structural choices making the map very intensive in some angles. It should be able to fit 4/5 players in DeathMatch, which would make it my largest map since Megatan and the fourth map I do which is not purely sci-fi after Honored, Riot and HKDA1(I am not counting You Are the Demons for obvious reasons).

Since I feel compelled to show a screenshot but do not actually want anything to be seen, eat my wireframe viewport.

New map wireframe

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