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senate senate senate senate senate

Download Senate (6424 KO)

Mortals are not told what purpose serve the Premakan giants, the angry gods of the automatons, in their mechanical senate, as they work in deathly silence inside the empty halls to accomplish the emperor's will. Only those who are destined not to come back are allowed to venture near the cores of the reactors, to fight for two glorious rags, battered relics of a glorious age, an age of blood and gold.

Update: 13/02/14: 1.3: fixed a collision bug. More importantly, extensive bot-testing has forced me to correct several key assault strategies. Bots now take all the routes, including the upper one, and will pick up the Flak Cannon, which they used to avoid, on the way. They will also escape with the flag using the upper road, this time avoiding the Flak, as this makes their escape too long and predictable.

Update: 27/02/14: 1.4: added some team-coloured arrows to help players navigate, after several comments about the map being slightly confusing; modified a number of JumpSpots to help bots translocate; Fixed a lighting bug caused by invalid geometry.

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