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Hellkeeper, 19/10/2018, 11:30

I refuse to die

Hello, it's been a long time.

A bit more than a year ago, I had critical server problems. My site has been down since then. I have been able to recover most of the site but the database is still under work. Nonetheless, the site works and everything stored is still available: maps, tutorials, links, etc.
I'm not abandoning the site, it is very much alive. It takes time to recover though.

Now, some news about mapping:
After the release of Riveting, I spent almost a year away from the editor. As time went however, I experience the need for some 3D doodling while listening to music or watching long debates on Youtube. A small project started on UT2004 soon found itself ported to UT99 and here it is.

Hightitude Hightitude Hightitude Hightitude Hightitude

Download Hightitude (888 KO)

Built to ward off flying fortresses, these concrete towers failed to prevent invasions when planetary landers became large and robust enough to use ramming manoeuvres against their weapon platforms. All but one were dismantled.

This is a rather uninspired project, an arena map with no clear theme and a symetric layout but it was enough to keep me busy.

Update: 20/10/18: version 1.3, fixes a number of issues found by the first players: missing killzones, ways to reach the rooftop, crashes with some renderers.

Update: 16/04/19: version 1.4, portals moved to fix a hole.

Stay tuned, the site should be fully recovered at some point.

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