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Hellkeeper, 07/12/2020, 01:18

Corten released

Corten Corten Corten Corten Corten

Download Corten (20914 KO)

Despite polls showing most audiences would rather watch matches taking place in real-life locations, ratings show people actually prefer games played in arenas built from the ground up to fit the requirements of their favourite bloody sport. With the blessing of corrosion-resistant materials, new areas are built to look like recognizable places, but with the added benefit of amazing sights.

Greetings. It's nice to see you here, I was feeling a bit lonely in this UT2004. 2020 has been a wild ride and though I know it's been a difficult year for many, I can't bring myself to care as it's been great for me and everything is going smoothly. Too bad for most of the world.
This map was build in a very short time and wasn't worked on too much, but I'm satisfied with the end result. It was made with my brain off and the usual attention to detail completely forgotten. Most ideas were shamelessly lifted from DM-AquaMortis fro Unreal Championship, except I made sure it didn't suck like the original. I hope you enjoy it, I know I do.

Update: 02/06/21: version 1.1, faulty zoning has been fixed, disassociating the main rocket-launcher area from the upper floor.

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