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Acid Acid Acid Acid Acid

Download Acid (541 KO)

After a long night drinking crack and smoking battery acid, an unnamed Liandri overseer bet he could get a major game of the professional league to take place absolutely anywhere in the galaxy. His companion, a robot-mutant-alien hybrid housed in the body of mechanical dog, challenged him to organise the game in a literal cartoon. Three days later, he had spent 160,000,000,000.99 credits on a start-up promising to do just that and his sudden death (slaughtered with the help of 7 different types of weapons and covered with fingerprints of known Liandri security personnel) was ruled a suicide. The executive board of the Liandri corporation decided to test the new technology it had unwillingly acquired in the process and it turned out to be a major technical success. Viewers were disappointed by the visual experience, however. The whole thing was shelved after 5 months of broadcast.

This is an old layout I had laying since the days of Hightitude at least. With no idea how to modify it or what theme to use, I caved in and lazily made it a bunch of solid colours. It plays nice for a spammy and brutal match and it would be a nice addition to a rotation of maps like DM-DE-Osiris2, simple straightforward maps made to accomodate a reasonnable amount of players.

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