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How to change colors for enemies

All U2 Marines, Mercs and Skaarj come in 3-5 colors, and some of them have additional attachments like backpacks. You can use those variations to spice up your map. For the skins colors could just use the Skins array (like you do for static meshes) and override every skin, but that can become a big pain and doesn't allow you to change attachments (like most character heads). Here's an easier way to do it:
Open the pawn's properties and look for the Mesh field (under Display). Change the Golem blueprint that this character uses. For example, if the entry reads "MarineLight_HelmetBlue" (the default for a light marine) you can change it to "MarineLight_HelmetRed" to get a red marine. You'll immediately see if you're referencing a valid blueprint, the Mesh field will go empty of you typed an invalid reference.

Mesh Field

To find out which blueprints are available and what their names are you have to open Golem Studio.

In the Workspace window, look for the character that you're trying to change and open the Entity Blueprints. You can use any of the names listed here (yes, the light marine really does have over 70 variations).

Golem Blueprints

Tutorial by Matthias Worch

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