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Hellkeeper, 08/05/2024, 00:52

We are BACK, praise Shai-Hulud

Amazing isn't it?

After being static and dormant for 7 years, is finally back to its old self. Whoever is still reading might have noticed the return of the archive page on the right-side menu. That's because I finally found the time and motivation to hone my 15 years old hobbyist-level programming skills and fumble my way into getting all the dead php working again, doing away with the defunct database of old times, like an ant clumsily wielding the powers of God. The last thing I had written before the event was the release of BR-Riveting, quickly followed by the site's collapse and its revival in 2018 (for DM-Hightitude's release, which remained the first news on the frontpage until now in 2024) as a hardcoded empty shell. Thanks to the Internet Archive, I was able to recover most of the frontpage articles I had written and sort through them (not every immature scribble deserved to be salvaged).

But wait, there's more.

This also brings back RSS syndication, as the feed was also dynamically generated. Does anyone still use RSS anyway? Seems pretty dead to me. But then again, I never used it myself anyway.

What does that mean from the reader's perspective? On a surface level, not much, but a lot of text has been exhumed, notably several map post-mortems and notes taken during the making of DmRiot, as map releases. To me, these are interesting reads nowadays, bringing back memories. The oldest note I've recovered is from February 2008, a small lifetime ago.

Working on the website made me realize how old everything is, I might take the time to revamp a few things here and there now that I've delved into it.

Update: 13/05/24: Everything is now working as intended.

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